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Maisey sit

Offering 1 to 1 training for pet dogs of all ages and breeds. We are family friendly.

Does your dog pull on the lead? Not come back to call? Get over excited? Harass guests? Barge though the door? Dislike being brushed or examined?

Like many dog owners, it may help you to have a bit of guidance on how to tackle these problem areas, so your experience of being a dog owner is even more enjoyable.



Common areas of training are:

🐾 Simple commands such as sit/down/wait
🐾 Recall
🐾 Loose lead walking
🐾 Handling for the vet, groomer, etc.
🐾 Settling in the home
🐾 Doorway manners
🐾 Socialisation with other dogs, people and livestock
🐾 Trick training – for fun

1 to 1 training can be done at your home, here at Inglenook Dogs or out and about, depending on your training requirements.